Monday, May 31, 2010

Sunday Morning at the Big House

Some miscellaneous shots from the garden at the Big House Sunday morning.  It's been very humid for the past few days, with intermittent downpours, so the plants are loving life!

It's a big property, so little vignettes like the tiny concrete bunny are favorite details.  This light actually works, which is just beautiful at night.
The clematis is up and over the boxwood and nandina.  The nandina will need some pruning soon, but for now it's looking pretty awesome.
The orchids are in their summer home under the pines in the woodland area.
A favorite Asiatic lily.  I don't know its name, but it's a beautiful ivory, with the very slightest peach blush
A basket of bromeliads and succulents that spends the summer on the screened porch.  It requires almost no attention, and mostly lives on atmospheric moisture.
Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend!


  1. Bromeliads and succulents are the coolest,aren't they?...I love the photo of your orchids between the trees.. the orchid lady said they grow best near trees..I've got a few on my hillside...Always enjoy your photos!.

  2. I really like the orchids under the trees , I have a nice bunny statue in my front bed that is almost completely sunken in the ground as if he is hiding there. thanks for the post, Gina

  3. Looks like a clematis jackmanii, beautiful.

    I agree about the colour of the Lily, perfect

  4. I have a fairly large place to plant and I also like little vignettes--a good word to describe it. :)

  5. Tim – everything looks so wonderful! Glad I found you.