Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Saying Goodbye to The Gaudy Garden

For those of you who follow Jim's blog, The Gaudy Garden, I'm sure you're aware that he is winding down his blog, and will stop writing very soon.  As someone who has followed his writing for more than a year, I want to publicly thank him for sharing his incredible knowledge of roses (and other plants, as well) for this amount of time. 

I, like many people, follow lots of blogs, but we all have a few select ones that we go to first.  For me, The Gaudy Garden has been one of those.  At times Jim has had me rolling on the floor laughing with some of his off-the-cuff comments, and at other times looking through reference books to find out more information about something he's discussed on his page.  I am pretty good at gardening, but always hunt out those who know more than I about particular plants when it's time to shop for "The Stepchild Garden" at my house, or those in which I work.  Consistently Jim's information and recommendations have been right on target.

In my own garden, the absence of Jim's writing will leave a hole that I'm not sure can be filled.


  1. I think there is something in the water. there have been several bloggers that have gone the same direction in the last few weeks. I will miss his blog as well.

  2. Some other blogger said it best, you can only post about the catmint and agastache so many times. I hope he at least sticks around to comment on our blogs.

    And the shirt, it's fabulous!

  3. I agree with your thoughts. His love and knowledge of roses was wonderful to be a part of. I hang around people like him and soak in as much as I can.