Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Stepchild Garden This Morning

A few random shots from my walk this morning with Sadie the Dog.

This first one is Fallopia japonica, which everybody seems to ask about.  It's a great groundcover that grows about a foot tall.  Can be a little agressive, but it's beautiful running between conifers and evergreens.
Hyacinth Bean shares a trellis with "Madison" jasmine.  I just love the color of these flowers as I pull into the driveway!  I don't use chemicals on them, so it's sometimes a battle between me and the little critters who seem to like them as much as I do.
My classical lady is looking a little more Jamaican, with her dreadlocks of Creeping Jenny.
The olive jars near the front door are filling in nicely with New Guinea impatiens, Creeping Jenny and Jacob's Ladder "Stairway to Heaven"
Poppies in various stages of opening and passing.....
A few too many "spikey" things in the perennial bed, but I think the color combination is pretty cool.

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  1. Hello Tim, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your comment. Love your classical lady :-) We don't use poisons either, but try to avoid the plants that slugs and snails like best.