Saturday, May 1, 2010

Some Blooms That Do It All on Their Own

They are not completely free of interference from me, but many of these blooms just happen of their own magical accord.  Walking through the Big House garden early in the morning, there were several examples of plants just enjoying life!

The first of the rhododendrons is popping, clearly liking this past exceptionally cold winter.
Up on the South lawn, I noticed the blooms on the burning bush.  We pay so much attention to the fall color, I"m not sure I've ever really noticed their blooms.
Three different cultivars of tradescantia, all happily blooming under the dawn redwoods.
A dark poppy about to burst free from its casing.
Just a little bit later in the day.......a peony in all its glory!


  1. the last shot, so deep in color, breathtaking,

  2. Lovely colors! My spiderworts still look like huge clumps of grass, lol.

  3. That is why we love gardening. Put it in soil at just the right place and the right time and it gives you joy freely. It is the same fascination as one has when we planted our first seed in grade school. I have that red peony and am anxious for it to bloom.

  4. How do the Rhodies do in Atlanta? They are very problematic here in Hampton Roads and tend to bog out in our heat and humidity of the summer.

  5. They usually do poorly, but the Big House is in very north Cobb County, so just getting into the foothills. They are also planted on a steep hill, and in mostly shade. The generic old fuschia one does best; some of the fancy cultivars are only good for a year or so.